One Solution for a Complex Industry

Cloud-based, fully integrated front-to-back investment management software, fund services and a data warehouse provided by ONE vendor, in ONE system, with ONE data set.

Execution Management

Streamline execution workflow and empower traders with direct FIX connectivity to over 200 brokers, dark pools, execution venues, real-time short locates and customizable order blotters.


  • Direct Broker Connectivity: Ability to electronically trade equities, futures, options, and FX with 200+ executing brokers via direct FIX connections to high touch, DMA and 40+ full algo suite destinations
  • Real-Time Market Data and Alerting: Level I and Level II, Time and Sales and Intra-trade TCA measurements on Parent and Child orders; Custom columns; Conditional alerting for price/p&l movements and POV measurements; Full pre-populated listed option chain tool integrated to quickly and easily generate options orders
  • Dark Pools: Real-time connectivity with the passive dark pools (i.e. blotter replication)

Order Management

Next generation Order Management tool includes Integráta’s industry-leading compliance technology, flexible quantity calculators, intelligent allocation schemes, intuitive rebalancing workflows and access to over 300 broker algos.

  • Order Quantity Calculators: Ability to generate order quantities based on percentage of NAV, Bps, Risk Exposure (Monetized Delta, DV01, CS01, etc.), Capital Contribution, Pari-Passu; Proper lot rounding calculations
  • Pre/Post Trade Compliance: Pre-populated compliance rule library with 100s of standard compliance rules; Customizable rule failure severity and trading workflow; Stored Audit Trail of order history in organized report; Real-time email notification of any violations
  • Allocation Scheme Hot Buttons: Multitude of Pre/Post trade allocation calculators that can be referenced in a single-click; Trades can be grouped or individually allocated

Portfolio Management (IBOR)

At the heart of Enfusion’s front-to-back platform lies our unparalleled Portfolio Management functionality. Featuring trade-based architecture, a pre-populated security master, and comprehensive operational tools, our Portfolio Management solution is the engine that powers Integráta’s real-time reporting views and calculates critical data points used across accounting, order generation, and risk.

  • Asset Class Support: Proper cash flows and valuation calculations for the full spectrum of product types – Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, Structured, Commodities, FX, Bank Debt and Hybrids
  • Fully Customizable Real-time Monitors: Client’s have the ability to slice and dice their portfolio in real-time across > 4,000+ columns, covering P&L, exposures, cash flows, interest, etc. Dynamic hierarchy and custom attribute tagging; Customize views to each user’s exact specifications
  • Automated Security Master Updates: Fully maintained Security Master with over four million instruments, associated corporate actions and prices; Clients can add custom specific attributes to the security master or define new instruments

Valuation and Risk

Featuring transparent, real-time and historical data plus “what-if” scenarios, Integráta’s Valuation and Risk functionality gives investment managers the tools needed to continue generating alpha for their clients.

  • Risk Exposure Calculation: Instrument and position level analytics; Real-time and historical calculations of implied volatilities, spreads, yields, DV01 and Greeks are fully supported
  • Portfolio Stress Testing: Create “What-If” scenarios to assess performance and exposure impact on a portfolio; Various market rate shifting parameters are supported. Shifts include, Yield curves (Tenor or Parallel Shifts), Credit Spreads, Volatilities and spot rates
  • Pricing Source Flexibility: Sophisticated pricing policies are implemented using our comprehensive “Pricing Arbitration” rules engine; Front vs Back Office P&L views (Theoretical vs Accounting) are fully supported; Instruments can be marked with a variety of price sources; Pricing sources are then selected based on a set of conditions with the implemented rules

General Ledger Accounting

Integráta boasts a proper double-entry General Ledger to produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from its Portfolio Management system. Featuring a full set of financial statements according to U.S. and international accounting stands, user-friendly tools for automating non-trading accruals and expenses, Integráta’s General Ledger maintains a complete set of books and records (ABOR).

  • Full Shadow NAV: A multi-currency, true double-entry General Ledger; Fully capable of producing daily NAV; Customizable Master Chart of Accounts
  • Full Suite of Financial Statements: Balance Sheets, Trial Balances, P&L Statements and Cash Flows; Entirely customizable per client requirements
  • Customizable Chart of Accounts: Client can add asset/liability/equity/income/expense accounts as needed


Proactively monitor the accuracy of trades, positions, and cash balances across counterparties using Integráta’s innovative Reconciliation functionality. Including automated data collection from Prime Brokers, Custodians, FCM’s, OTC Counterparties, and Fund Administrators, Integráta functions as a one-stop-shop for break resolution. Customizable matching rules and break tolerances enable exception-based workflows for increasing efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

  • T+1 Reconciliation: Automated reconciliation engine that matches Trades, Positions, P&L and Cash balances; Rules and tolerances are customized per client requirements
  • Exception Reports: Clearly display full matches, matches with some differences or mismatches between internal and external sources
  • Counterparty Agnostic: Perform reconciliation with multiple sources – Internal vs Prime Broker, Internal vs Fund administrator or Internal vs OTC counterparties


Within Integráta, clients have anytime-anywhere access, to real-time, historical and custom reporting functionality across all business units.

  • Extensive Functional Coverage: A holistic real-time reporting framework that covers all aspects of the system (e.g. P&L, Exposures, Counterparty, General Ledger); Views are entirely customizable per client preference; Users can designate reports as private or share the reports with other users within the firm
  • Single Data Set / Consistency: The OEMS, PMS, Risk and Accounting features of the system all leverage a single comprehensive data set for a client; Live and historical views on demand; Integrated database updated in real time
  • Multidimensional: Allow multiple hierarchical groups with different column detail at each level; Custom column summation rules, filtering and formatting at each level; Powerful drill down capability

Enfusion Visual Analytics (EVA)

Anytime-anywhere access to high quality visual portfolio analytics and time series reporting functionality across trades, exposures, accounting, risk and performance data.

  • High-Impact Reports: Customize high-impact visual reports for marketing materials with analytical, user-defined tools for grouping, filtering, fields/ calculations, drill-downs and slicing & dicing
  • Cloud-Based and Mobile: EVA provides on-line analysis of current, historical, and time series performance data
  • 3rd Party Integration: Open platform allows for integration to internal & client facing portals as well as 3rd party data visualization products

Fund Services

At Enfusion, we offer investment managers more than just the tools needed to run their business successfully – we become a seamless extension of their middle and back office operations. Our Fund Services team has the expertise and capacity to perform the operational tasks needed to maintain client portfolios. Plus, by leveraging Integráta, we ensure operational continuity, real-time transparency, and ongoing process optimization.

  • Middle Office: By leveraging our premiere technology platform, Integráta, we ensure operational continuity, real-time transparency, and ongoing process optimization.
  • Back Office: Our strategic partnership reduces risk and improves both reliability and consistency – ultimately allowing clients to focus on raising capital, portfolio management, and creating value for investors.

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